"Marul de Aur" International Satirical Graphics Competition, Bistriţa, 2024
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"Marul de Aur" International Satirical Graphics Competition, Bistriţa, 2024

The organizer of the current edition of the Festival is: House of Culture of the Bistrita Trade Unions, with the support of: Citz Hall Bistriţa (Local Council), Bistrita Palace of Culture, National Association of Culture Houses of Trade Unions in Romania, the Union of Epigrammatists from Romania, Pomicole Bistrita resort, the Association of Humorists from Bistriţa.
"Marul de Aur" International Festival of Satire and Humor takes place from March 29, to April 1, 2024, and includes the following competition sections:

I. The Satirical Graphic Section:
"Marul de Aur" International Satirical Graphics Competition, Bistriţa, 2024, 40th edition, is addressed to all cartoonists from around the world.
The contest is structured in two subsections:
1. Humorous drawing, with the theme: "THE GOLDEN APPLE, THE AMBASSADOR OF BISTRITA AT 40 YEARS"
2. Portrait with the theme: "LENIN AND KAFKA"

- A maximum of 3 assignments can be submitted.
- The drawings will be accompanied by a CV, in Romanian or English, which will contain: name and surname, address, contact phone number, e-mail, country of origin, copy of ID card /Passport and an IBAN account.

Attendance at the competition with papers in both subsections is mandatory for participants.
- The works will be sent, in JPG format (300dpi) by e-mail to: ccsbistrita@yahoo.com; (telephone/fax: 0040 263 233 345; 0040 745 970 250).
- The deadline for submitting works is March 1, 2024, participants will receive confirmation of the entry into the competition.
- The works selected for awards will be included in the "Marul de Aur" Satirical Graphics Salon - 2024.
- The works entered in the competition will be evaluated by an international jury made up of outstanding personalities in the field.

II. Literary Creation section:
1. The subsection Literary creation in manuscript includes:
- Epigram competition with the theme "FRONT - PO(I)NT, VOTE - COMP(L)OTE", where the authors will obligatorily send 3 (three) epigrams on the theme and 3 (three) epigrams of their choice.
- Entries must be original, unpublished and unsubmitted to other competitions, without licensed content. They will be sent to the e-mail address: ccsbistrita@yahoo.com, in a Word file, times new roman, character 12, signed with a motto that will also be included on the personal sheet, which will be sent to you in a separate file. The participants will receive by e-mail the confirmation of the registration in the contest.

2. Subsection Literary creation in published volume:

- In this subsection, authors of humorous literature can enter the contest with 2 (two) copies of each title, printed between April 2023 - February 2024, volumes with a humorous nature, accompanied by the type entry form, copy of ID card and an IBAN account. Volumes will be sent to the festival address by March 1, 2024 (postal date) and manuscripts by e-mail by the same date.

III. The satirical interpretation section
- Bands, satirical groups, satirical theaters, couplets and individual humor performers, from professional cultural institutions, and amateurs from among students and pupils, as well as from military circles in the country, can register in this section.
- In their repertoire, the contestants will approach texts by classical or contemporary authors as well as from their own creation, provided that the stage presence does not exceed 15 minutes - the groups; 5 minutes – individual performers and duets. Interpreter groups can consist of 8-10 members.
- Texts, documents with indecent content are not accepted in the competition.
- To register for this section, those interested will send, by March 1, 2024, the registration form (according to the attached model) and a DVD with the content of the program proposed for the competition preselection stage.
- The festival will end with the Laureates Gala, in which the award-winning bands will participate, and the award winning epigramists will present a group of 5 (five) epigrams on stage.

- Works from all sections sent after March 1 will not be admitted to the competition.
The prizes of the three competition sections consist of money, diplomas and trophies.
- The right to award and rank the prizes in the competition sections, as well as their redistribution, belongs exclusively to the jury.
- The works sent for the contest are not returned to the contestants, they remain for the archive of the festival.
- The organizers will be able to subsequently publish/post the participants' works in the festival Catalogue, website or other materials related to the festival, without asking the participants' consent.
- Works or texts of an obscene character are not admitted to the competition, in any of the sections.
- After the judging, the winners of the Satirical Graphics and Literary Creation contests will be announced in due time to participate in the award ceremony and the Laureate Gala - 2024.

- For the Humor Interpretation Competition, the jury will watch the programs on DVDs, and the selected groups and individual performers will be invited to the Awards Ceremony and the HUMOR GALA.

All correspondence regarding the Festival is sent to this address:
Alexandru Odobescu Street, no. 3, code 420043, Bistriţa, ROMANIA
Additional information at:
Phone/fax: 0040 263 233 345, 0040 745 970 250.
Email: ccsbistrita@yahoo.com

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