The “SALT & PEPPER” MAGAZINE, Bucharest / Romania, Edition 2023
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The “SALT & PEPPER” MAGAZINE, Bucharest / Romania, Edition 2023



1. Themes

A. Salt and/or Pepper

B. Light and Shadow, literally or conceptually, defining:

bright/dark, beautiful/ugly, moral/immoral, peace/war, joy/anger, life/death, love/hate etc.

We are expecting meaningful and cleaver works at a high artistic level


Only individual participants, over 18 years old, regardless of their gender, nationality or country of residence. The works must be the author’s propriety and must be sent only by the author himself. 

3. Art works

May be done in black & white or in color

Each participant may submit Max. 2 (two) works on each theme

Good quality images of signed works

by e-mail: JPG, JPEG format, Max. 800 KB/work & 300dpi resolution

No captions and texts are accepted (text means one or more letters / digits / any characters or signs)

The participating works must not be previously published or awarded

No works with “adult content” or regarding real individuals or organizations will be accepted, regardless of their artistic quality; organizers own the right do not admit in the Salon works that may attempt against individual and/or collective rights - anyway all responsibility for any possible attempt against individual and/or collective rights is only on the authors -

4. Technique: It's free of choice; in 2 (two) dimensions but no photographic art; no printed or photocopies or colored copies 

. Deadline of receiving works: September 1st, 2023 

Will be accepted only ONE e-mail per participant, containing all works,

ENTRY FORM (word) and the personal photo/cartoon self portrait - Max. 250KB, Max. 300dpi, JPG, JPEG format,

The completed ENTRY FORM is mandatory


7. Awards

Prizes will be available per each theme. The prizes consist in exposure on the Salon's website of:

name and surname, personal photo/cartoon, works, technique, dimensions, price/work as follows:

1st prize: 10 (ten) works including the awarded work

2nd prize: 5 (five) works including the awarded work

3rd prize: 3 (three) works including the awarded work

Nominated: 1 (one) work, the selected one in the first 10 ranked works after the prized works

The first ranked 10 (ten) works on each theme will be exposed on the web-site.


The Diplomas and the poster of the edition will be send by e-mail to all accepted participants

The works will be exposed if these respond to all criteria and conditions mentioned in this document.

The Jury is entitled do not award one or more prizes according to their art's criteria.

The jury decision cannot be appealed.


8. Winners

Participants whose works are selected to be awarded will be notified by e-mail

Into Max. 15 days after announcing prizewinners, they must send by e-mail their works according to all the above. mentioned conditions.

The author which don't respect rules will be replaced by the next selected author and will not be awarded.


9. Jury

An international jury; the jury’s panel will be announced


10. Submission addresses

The International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon, 2023

By e-mail:


11. Other specifications

The album of the Salon will be edited in electronic format, if possible.

The works will not be returned.

The “Salt & Pepper” Magazine and The International “Salt & Pepper” Satirical Art Salon reserve the right to archive, exhibit and publish themselves or by authorization, the received works in mass-media specifying the author's name and country, without limitation and any compensation to the authors.

The Salon and Magazine do not sell anything and does not involve and is not responsible

in any business transactions between authors and their beneficiaries.

Participation into International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon means the acceptance of all of the above regulations. 

“Have enough salt and pepper in your life to be healthful, happy and full of humor!”

Download the Entry FORM (word)