interview with mordillo ,master of smiles in Argentina

interview with mordillo ,master of smiles in Argentina

Sunlight spills through the studio window, illuminating the mischievous twinkle in Mordillo's eyes. Amidst playful sculptures and paint-splattered canvases, you begin:

You: Mr. Mordillo, your whimsical characters bring endless smiles. What ignites their spark?

Mordillo: (Chuckles) Life's a joyous circus, filled with quirky wonders! My characters reflect that, a dash of exaggeration adding to the silliness.

You: Your art brims with life! How do you capture such movement in still images?

Mordillo: Each character has a soul, emotions swirling within. Even in a single frame, their stories unfold, adventures just beginning.

You: Animals and humans share the spotlight in your work. Why?

Mordillo: Animals are our mirrors, our companions. They offer fresh perspectives, reminding us of shared laughter and emotions. I love showcasing their unique personalities in relatable stories.

You: Humor knows no borders. How does yours bridge cultures?

Mordillo: Laughter, a universal language, unites us! It reminds us of our similarities, our common desires and emotions. My cartoons, I hope, bring people together for a shared smile, appreciating life's simple joys.

You: Any advice for aspiring cartoonists?

Mordillo: Keep the wonder alive! Observe the world, find humor in the oddest corners, let your imagination soar! Experiment, embrace mistakes, discover your unique voice. And most importantly, draw with love, for that's what truly connects with your audience.

You: Thank you, Mr. Mordillo! Your work inspires me, as it has countless others.

Mordillo: (Winks) The pleasure is mine! Remember, the world is a wondrous stage, so keep looking, keep laughing, and keep creating!

(Leaving the studio, you carry a renewed sense of wonder and a burning desire to create.)


Guillermo Mordillo

Guillermo Mordillo


Guillermo Mordillo was born on August 4, 1932 in Villa Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Known simply as Mordillo, he is a cre ...