Interview with Turkish cartoonist Hicabi Demirci

Interview with Turkish cartoonist Hicabi Demirci

Hicabi Demirci was born in 1968 in Samsun, Turkey. He graduated from the Faculty of literature of Ankara University in 1992. While studying at the university, he drew cartoons and animation in an animation studio. Demirci has also been a screenwriter of several animations. In 1998, he was a screenwriter and director of an animation “Island on the Horizon”. The film was screened at the Nuremberg the Ankara Film Festivals. In 2000, Demirci designed a poster for the Istanbul International Short Film Festival. He has created artworks such as painting and animation for various advertising agencies. Demirci has also designed many book covers, and participated in various international cartoon competitions and has received more than 45 awards. Demirci received the Younes Nadi Cartoon Award in 2013 in caricature section, and another time received 71th Younes Nadi Cartoon Award for "Hukuk Firarda" film. He also received the honorable mention in the 33rd Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Contest (2016). He has released two cartoon albums Şeytantırnağı / Hangnail (2005) and Hico Karikatürler / Hico Cartoons (2010). Demirchi is currently working in Istanbul.
A review of our last interview with him:
What was your first humor cartoon?

My first cartoons’ theme were sports, in 1985 I visited an exhibition of cartoons about sports and I was impressed by them.


When did you start your career?

In 1988, Ankara .. at the animation film studio .. I started there as an assistant of an animator.


What was your first work of art?

In 1987; A cartoon book about corruption.


What was your first award?

In 1996; Nasser al-Din Hajjeh International Cartoon Contest


What was your last award?

International Cartoon Competition in Bursa, Turkey, 2015, the theme was “war and peace”.

How do you come up with a new idea?

Sometimes I just need A4 paper and pen. When I wake up I pay attention to my dreams.


What do you think about the inevitable similarities?

If we cannot avoid the problem, we must fight it.

Also, we cannot evaluate artists by their single work. We have to check the authenticity of all his works and we have to use the internet for checking the fortuitous similarities before making a final decision.


What do you think about plagiarism?

The status of a cartoonist, the subject of a cartoon ...


Who do you think is the best Iranian cartoonist?

Kambiz Darmbakhsh is the best Iranian cartoonist.


Who is the best cartoonist in your country?

Selcuk is the best cartoonist in Turkey. He died on March 11, 2010 in Istanbul.


And the best foreign cartoonist?

Sempe, Busk, Yuri Kosobokin…


What is the best cartoon you have ever seen?

Many really! I am referring to one of Sampeh's works.


How much does it take to create a work?

an average of one day.


What are your tools and techniques for creating artwork?

Only pen.


Which software do you use?

I use Adobe Photoshop for coloring cartoons.


What is your advice to colleagues?

Be a lover, and practice every day.


What do you think about the state of caricature in the world?

Humor continues to dominate in the digital age.


Have you ever had a problem with your cartoons?



What was your best work?

I think my best cartoon is that it won the second prize in the International Cartoon Competition on "The End": It Tells the Story of Human Maturity.


Have you ever created an instant cartoon?

Just design.


Have you ever been a member of the jury in any cartoon competition?

many times .. recently in the Art and Resistance cartoon competition ...


how do you evaluate yourself as a caricaturist?

I do not see myself as an artist who create portrait.


Have you ever collaborated with another artist?

No, I have never worked with another artist.

If you were born again, what career would you choose?

If your hobby and your profession are one thing, you never feel the passing of time. Being a good director is also a good feeling.


Do you think there is a border between cartoon and caricature?

I am not looking for such a border.


When was your last exhibition?

I have a group exhibition ... it is still going on ...


What is your description of cartoon?

In my works the priority is the sense of humor, and I also care that they remain worthwhile by passing time.


Do you think an artist can make enough money by creating cartoons and caricatures?

I think talented people always make good money…


Who is your favorite artist except in the cartoon world?

Vincent van Gogh


What was the last book you have read?

GABO, a comic book ... written by carscar Pantoja.

Illustrators: Miguel Bostos, Felipe Camargo Rojas and Tatiana Cordoba.


Do you think humor is teachable?

Not the sense of humor.


What do you think about Black Humor?

Irony is one of the most important tools in cartoons.


Who is the best artist in Black Humor?

I think the best artist in black comedy is Roland Topour.



Hicabi Demirci

Hicabi Demirci


Hicabi Demirci was born in 1968 in Samsun, Turkey. He graduated from the Faculty of literature of Ankara University in 1992. Whil ...