The 10 best comic creators in Latin America

The 10 best comic creators in Latin America

Comics have been entertaining young and old for a long time. And there are many Latinos who stand out in these countries for their comics and the topics they deal with. Some with a remarkable satire sense of humor, others more emotional, etc. These are the best-known comic creators in Latin America.

Joaquin Salvador Lavado (Argentina)

Creator of Mafalda, a girl who loves The Beatles, a tireless social fighter who doesn't understand adults. Through these comics, «Quino» makes her reflect on the world, prejudices and habits, etc.

Jim Pluck (Colombia)

He illustrates the irony of everyday situations. In addition, he collaborates with groups that allow access to art and culture for children. He has illustrated various books since 2012. Among them: Pecas, Josefina, Rayito and Tumaco.

Rene Rios Boettiger (Chile)

Better known as Pepo. René Ríos was a Chilean cartoonist, he created the famous character Condorito. This is his best-known creation, which emerged in 1949, taking the idea of the condor from the Chilean coat of arms. Later, he would continue with cartoons like The Penguin, Poor Devil, Goose, among others.

Catalina Bu (Chile)

Creator of Diary of a Solo. It is a graphic humor cartoon. It portrays the day to day of a character with whom it is easy to identify. It started as a webcomic, which was later published as a book.

Power Paola (Ecuador)

Ecuadorian artist who lives in Buenos Aires and Bogotá. She draws autobiographical cartoons, which she sometimes combines with performance. She has published four graphic novels and has collaborated with various magazines in Latin America.

Eduardo Liners (Argentina)

He is the creator of the famous cartoon Macanudo. The protagonists are Enriqueta and Fellini. It began to be published in 2002 in the Argentine newspaper La Nación. To date, Liniers has published more than 20 books with 3,600 comics. It is about metahumor and reflections on everyday life.

Luis Echavarria (Colombia)

Luis is the kind of comic book artist who enjoys making the most of his skills and tools. His comics have a realistic style, sophisticated use of framing. He deals with various topics in a risky and analytical way.

Richard Zela (Mexico)

He bases his works on science fiction concepts. In 2010, Zela won CONACULTA's Catalog of Youth and Children's Publications award for her free adaptation of Joseph Conrad's “Heart of Darkness”. He had references to the movie Apocalypse Now.

Amadeo Gonzales (Peru)

Amadeo Gonzales produces one of the most important zines, Carboncito, together with his brother Renso. Los Gonzales and their collaborators from all over Latin America illustrate daily situations and current scenes.

Juana Medina (Colombia)

She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and has done illustration and animation work for clients in Latin America, the United States, and Europe. Her comic I Juana tells the story of her as an immigrant. She has a cool and fun touch. She also published the illustrated book Juana and Lucas.