Characteristics of Contemporary Art

Characteristics of Contemporary Art

Although it presents some values of Modern Art such as innovations, experiments and blurring of boundaries between artistic forms, Contemporary Art represents a break with some aspects of Modern Art.

Making room for a diversity of styles, perspectives and techniques, Contemporary Art abandoned several paradigms of Modern Art, bringing values to the constitution of a new artistic mentality.

There was an expansion of the scope of artistic languages with the inclusion of dance, music, fashion, photography, painting, theater, sculpture, literature, performances, happenings, installations, video art, among others.

Another striking aspect of contemporary art is technological advances, driven by the space race. This characteristic can be observed in objects built with aerodynamic shapes and alluding to space. Ecological awareness and the reuse of materials are also characteristics observed in Contemporary Art.

In Contemporary Art, artists have great creative freedom, so they can move between different periods. They have complete freedom to express themselves, both technically and conceptually. The main characteristics of contemporary art are:

• Abandonment of usual patterns;
• Fusion of art and life;
• Use of new technologies and media;
• Combination of artistic styles;
• Interactivity of the works;
• Questions about the definition of art;
• Approach to popular culture;
• Use of different materials for artistic productions;
• Freedom and artistic ephemerality.