What is paint?

What is paint?

Painting is an artistic procedure that is based on figurative or abstract representation through thick or liquid substances that are applied with various tools on a canvas.

It consists of a complex art that requires the integration of various techniques of painting, drawing, visual composition and the use of color theory.

There are different painting techniques that are subdivided into two general groups:

     Dry painting techniques. They are those that do not require the use of a solvent to apply to the paint or substance. For example, graphite pencil, colored pencils, markers, charcoal and crayons. It also includes collage, photomontage and decoupage.
     Wet painting techniques. They are those that require the addition of a water- or oil-based thinner to apply to paints or substances and use them with a tool, such as a brush or spatula. For example, tempera, watercolors and oil paintings.

The artist can use one or more techniques on a surface that can be: a canvas, wood, a wall, a sheet of paper or fabric, according to the artist's aesthetic criteria.