Painting characteristics

Painting characteristics

Among the main characteristics of the painting it stands out that:

     It includes a diversity of genres, such as portraiture, still life, mythology, landscape painting, among others.

     It is manifested in the diversity of artistic currents and movements, such as expressionism, cubism, impressionism, modernism and fauvism.

  Luminosity is central in painting to achieve realism.

He makes use of perspective and space, through different techniques, such as fresco, watercolor, oil, pointillism, among others.

     It makes use of two or three dimensions: height, width and depth, through visual perspective techniques that are used to create the illusion of depth.

     The use of color is from the primary colors, red, yellow and blue, which when mixed can obtain the secondary colors, green, orange and violet. Tertiary colors are the numerous variants of primary and secondary tones.

     It uses various supports such as canvas, board, paper, murals, among others.

     The use of the form can be with mimetic or abstract representations.

     Consider the importance of luminosity, a central aspect in painting to achieve realism.