5 Latin American artists and their works

5 Latin American artists and their works

1. Alejandro Pasquale (Argentina)

Alejandro Pasquale's work stands out for the precision with which he captures nature. The forests are an extremely important element in his work, since his characters are transported to these settings through the imagination.
His penchant for portraying the imagination of his characters is due to the fact that they are mostly children. “His imagination of him has no limits between what is real and what is fictional. They create worlds, they simply imagine them and live them,” he explains in an interview.

2. Carola Ramírez (Chile)

Carola Ramírez's work stands out for being a faithful reflection of her habitat: from the streets she travels to her favorite places in the cities she visits. “My painting is a faithful reflection of the world around me,” she expresses in the magazine Escáner Cultural.

For the young artist, who studied painting at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, there is nothing more enriching than going for a walk and observing people. “My painting is nourished above all by the interior and exterior richness of that world,” she emphasizes.

3. Ana Mercedes Hoyos (Colombia)

Thanks to Art Lima 2019 it was possible to get up close and personal with the work of the Colombian painter and sculpture Ana Mercedes Hoyos (1942-2014). Her work stands out for its colorful still lifes of fruits and for being a representation of the palanqueras that live in Cartagena de Indias.
Before her death, the artist announced that she would donate her Palenque Files to the UN University in Japan and part of her works to the Smithsonian Institute in the United States.

4. Tayron Luna García (Ecuador)

The Ecuadorian artist pays attention to underappreciated objects and spaces. For example, his series of photographs “The Illuminated Ones” is a photographic record of a lighting intervention in abandoned cars.

In this way, Luna plans the city as a stage to generate new proposals. His approach is to walk the streets to discover new artistic angles.

5. Oscar Leone (Colombia)

The work of Colombian artist Óscar Leone is closely related to the landscape, an element that he usually intervenes and transforms to reflect a message: all human actions have an effect on the environment. “The territory is until now what has given life to my projects,” reveals the author in Fundación Divulgar.
His work has participated in various exhibitions in Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and the United States.