What is Contemporary Art?

What is Contemporary Art?

When studying History, you have probably already noticed that events are divided into different Eras (or Ages): Ancient, Middle, Modern and Contemporary. This is a strategy used to facilitate studies and help us relate themes from similar social and historical contexts.

And with Art? Well, everything works more or less the same way! The difference lies in the division, which happens a little differently when the subject involves artistic movements.

What is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary Art is the artistic movement that corresponds to creations made from the mid-20th century onwards, that is, around the 1960s.

Its historical context is associated with the post-war era, a time when the idea of freedom and change was very present in society.

This freedom also extended to the creative process, which allowed the use of concepts from the Renaissance and other literary schools, although it also stimulated innovation on the part of artists.

Some of the main characteristics of the movement are:

     influence of technological advances;
     lack of commitments to institutions such as the Church or the State;
     mix of styles from different periods;
     bringing works closer to popular culture events;
     proposal for interaction between the observer and the work, such as immersion;
     proposal to promote emotions and sensations in observers;
     quick, short strokes.

Discover Pop Art

Pop Art, or popular art, was an artistic trend that emerged in the mid-1950s. Its main characteristic was the use of concepts from popular culture to create works. Therefore, it was common to use figures of popular personalities and characters at that time.

Furthermore, the vibrant and vivid colors became a trademark of these works, which are easily recognized to this day.