How to create art from a few words and the help of AI

How to create art from a few words and the help of AI

The web application that we bring you today offers us an interesting way to create art. We just have to enter a few words with the theme of the painting, and in a few seconds we will see completely original art created by artificial intelligence based on those words.

For many, art is a discipline exclusive to humans. Machines do not have feelings and cannot express themselves as someone made of flesh and blood would. But in some aspects they may be wrong since, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and neural transfer, they are capable of learning and generating works of art through words. We tell you how.

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There are many advances in AI and above all these are aimed at trying to create more human patterns that are capable of generating beauty or transmitting feelings. Through algorithms they are able to learn and interpret human feelings and even generate works of art. As is the case of this website where we can create paintings and works of art from text. A website that we access through the web browser on any of our devices. Open a new browser window or click on the link. We can generate up to a total of five works of art for free, in addition to downloading them, we have the option to modify them at any time. Its use is free as long as we have the rights to the images we have used and, above all, most importantly, they are available without watermarks.

Works of art created with Artificial Intelligence
Works of art created with Artificial Intelligence | TecnoXplora
To start creating, click on the red “start creating” button.
Next, select the creation method, this time “text to image”
In the text box enter the concept or what you want to create. This text must be English to be interpreted correctly.
Press advanced mode to access more options, among which you can select the image format, size or quality. We can also choose the number of images we want to generate. Depending on this the number of credits we spend will change.
We can choose between twelve different styles to achieve the desired look for our creations, these range from portraits, to impressionist paintings or cartoons. The suggested images will be displayed according to what we have selected.
When entering the tool we have a total of 5 credits, which we can spend. Once we know what we want, if we directly press the create button, 4 images will be generated with the theme that we have suggested. This will cost 1 credit.
Once we know what we want, we press the create button. After a few minutes we will see our creations that we can download.
If we exhaust our free credits we have the option of purchasing more credits with which, in addition to obtaining a greater number of works, we can increase the resolution, obtaining larger formats with which to work. In addition, we also have the option of making our original creations from images in our gallery. If we are the owners of these or have permission from the author, we can use them wherever we want without any type of limitation. To do this we only have to select the mode from the photograph and upload it to the web.