The best graphic designers in Latin America and the world

The best graphic designers in Latin America and the world

Without a doubt, the graphic designer is a professional who must deal perfectly with each of the many resources and tools contained in the programs that facilitate your work, knowledge, creativity and expertise are determining factors for a good design.

Dr. Alderete

His works in graphic arts reveal his detailed creativity. These have already been part of many covers of record works by artists as famous as him.

Born in Argentina and considered a design legend in Latin America, his designs have also been present in anthological collections featured in "Illustration Now" and "Latin American Graphic Design” and in galleries in different parts of the world. Additionally, he has been seen as an artist on Nickelodeon, MTV, Once TV and Canal Fox independently and promoted other projects, such as his online store, book publishing and a record label.

alex trochut

Graphic designer Catalan origins and widely recognized in Europe and internationally, given his minimalist work, with very defined and elegant lines, where his personal mark is given by a kind of masterful mix of typography together with many other elements.
Alex has well-known clients around the world, such as The Rolling Stones, Nike, BBH and Fallon, Coca Cola, British Airway and many others.

David Carson

He is considered one of the best designers of all time, he has served as a design consultant for important and renowned companies such as Levis, Nike, Pepsi, Hallmark Corporation, Burton Snowboard and Gotiche Clothing and his most publicized work is the product of his own art direction. in 1993 in Musician, Beach Culture, Surfer, Ray Gun and Transworld Skate Boarding magazines.

Catalina Busts

His strength is the Enlightenment and in fact he works as a freelance illustrator, participates in the books "Ilustração a la Chilena" and Gatos Gordos and today his current work is carried out as a freelancer

Gabriella Romero

Graphic designer whose work is known for using doodle art or animations for celebrations of special dates and commemorations as well.

Her drawings are disseminated through her social networks and with the development of markers, cards, labels, other illustrations to serve clients and projects for private companies.

Alexandre Magalhães

Graduated from the Mexican “Escola Nacional de Artes Plásticas”, he is a graphic designer of mandatory reference in Latin America due to the influence his work has had, showing his taste for illustration and playing with typographic characters. His work is present on posters and books among others and has been worthy of awards and medals.

Stefan sagmeinster

He has his own design studio and from there he carries out his work for his exclusive clients in the musical world, standing out for his unusual cover designs, for example, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Mariko Mori and others. Stefan is considered a genius when it comes to art.

Erika coello

Specialist in Vector Illustration, this designer has exhibited her work abroad with great success and gives workshops to support the training of other professionals in the field.

Yugo Nakamura

Prominent Japanese designer, whose strength is the constant exploration of different ways of interacting in interconnected digital environments, his works have deserved international recognition.

Nigel Holmes

Graphic designer who is considered the introducer of modern infographics, the Englishman bases his style on the use of little color, rather with thick black lines and based on silhouettes.

Alvaro Arteaga

Self-proclaimed "self-taught", he points out that his work is influenced by artists such as Quino, Bernard Kliban, Maurice Sendack, Al Hirshfeld and Tex Avery; He is a professor at Diego Portales University.

Andreas Preis

This designer stands out for his portraits of people and animals, using acrylic and aerosol designs in his designs, he makes absurd mixtures of irregular and geometric figures, claiming that everything around him should be a source of inspiration.