Today, there is a wide range of contemporary Latin American artists who have positioned themselves internationally for their innovation in techniques and themes. The category of "Latin American art" emerged approximately in the 1970s and for more than 50 years contemporary artists in Latin America have made important contributions to art and new trends. It is important to mention that Latin American art has been, to a large extent, influenced by military dictatorships, the diversity of culture and the search for identity.

Meet the best contemporary artists at Aura Galleries

At Aura Galerías, for 40 years, we have represented a variety of contemporary Latin American artists who have stood out nationally and internationally. We present some of them below:

Rafael Parra-Toro is a Venezuelan artist whose work has been characterized by kineticism, taking as his main inspiration the play of colors and shapes with movement, creating an interactive work with the viewer. His art is based on mathematics and the vibration of color through the use of moiré.

Didier Mayés is an Oaxacan artist, who has explored through his work the abstract forms created from the point and the line, playing with space to achieve a visual balance between color and form. The game is an important element in his work, since it takes us back to childhood, with children's stories and with a set of visually striking tones. It does not use a simple color, but several tones that form a diverse network in layer after layer, which makes the piece visually vibrate.

Sonia Pastrana is a contemporary Mexican painter who explores the unknown space of her canvas, more than to give answers to continue asking questions. To stop talking and think about what her hands form with light and shadow. Her abstract style captivates the viewer with the contrast of colors and gold leaf applications, inviting a constant reflection of a rise and fall of emotions.

Daniel Sanseviero is a Venezuelan artist who has explored his fascination with geometry and color through his sculptures. He is characterized by making sculptures with steel and lacquer plates that appear to be three-dimensional at first glance only to later realize that they are completely flat. The art of color is part of the game that the artist plays to play with the viewer's perception of dimension and depth.

Olivia Guzmán is a Mexican sculptor recognized as a member of the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana and internationally for her sculptures, which normally have a broken appearance, expressing the reality that any human being experiences of feeling incomplete. Guzmán has explored various materials such as clay, cement, fiberglass, resins, bronze and marble.

Marcela Díaz is a contemporary artist from Mérida, Yucatán. Her work is inspired by artisanal work, by the representation of Mexican culture, tradition and craftsmanship. Through her work, she has explored textile sculptures, ropes made and hand-painted with natural pigments, and knots that represent important moments in life. The ropes represent life and the knots represent learning. Likewise, she works in cast bronze sculptures.

Roberto Rivera is a Salvadoran artist who began formally as a self-taught artist, empirically studying color theory, composition, art history and modern art. With more than 10 years of experience, his work is characterized by the use of geometric figures, vibrant colors and abstract compositions that represent a world of inner sensitivity.

Carlos Vivar is a self-taught plastic artist from Mexico City. He has participated in more than 50 group exhibitions and 100 individual exhibitions in galleries, museums and cultural centers around the world. Carlos Vivar's masterpieces reflect a strange combination of passion and sweetness, fiction and symbolism; using a mixture of colors and sands in different textures full of emotion. His pieces are captivating, his creations are mature with a special touch. He is currently one of the most recognized Mexican painters and sculptors of contemporary art.

As a gallery, we are committed to being in a constant search for new trends and styles of contemporary Latin American artists, in order to serve as promoters and continue positioning them in the art market at a national and international level.

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