Some famous Brazilian photographers

Some famous Brazilian photographers

Here are some of the most recognized Brazilian photographers:

1. Sebastião Salgado: One of the most influential documentary photographers in the world. He is known for his striking portraits and photographs of nature and Brazil's indigenous communities.

2. Vik Muniz: Multifaceted artist who combines photography with other media. He is known for his creative portraits and compositions using unexpected materials.

3. Cássio Vasconcellos: Landscape and nature photographer who has portrayed the beauty and diversity of the different biomes of Brazil.

4. Claudia Jaguaribe: Photographer specialized in portraits and fashion photography. She has collaborated with several internationally renowned magazines.

5. Cristina Sitya: Photographer who focuses on the documentation of Afro-Brazilian culture and traditions.

6. Thiago Bernardes: Urban photographer who captures the energy and dynamism of Brazilian cities.

7. Maurício Nahas: Architecture and landscape photographer who has photographed emblematic buildings and landscapes of Brazil.

8. Joana Alves: Photographer who specializes in documentary and travel photography, capturing the cultural diversity of the country.

These are just some of the most prominent Brazilian photographers internationally. Each of them has a unique style and approach that has contributed to the richness of Brazilian photography.