Types of Portrait Photography

Types of Portrait Photography

There are several types of portrait photography, each with different creative possibilities, characteristics and purposes. Regardless of the type of portrait chosen, it is important that the image conveys the essence of the subject and is well composed, lit and framed.

Classic portrait

It is a type of portrait photography that aims to portray a person in an elegant and formal way. Generally, the subject is positioned facing the lens with a neutral background and soft lighting. The objective is to highlight your physical characteristics and your personality in a subtle and discreet way.

Group portrait

It is used to photograph a group of people together, usually at a party, event or special occasion. The objective is to highlight the people who are part of the group and the relationship between them. It can be done indoors or outdoors and often includes a formal pose.

Fashion Portrait

Fashion portraits are often used to promote clothes, makeup and other beauty products. It is usually done in exotic environments and the objective is to highlight the model's clothing and accessories, using dramatic poses and intense lighting.

Studio portrait

This type of portrait is produced in a controlled environment, usually a photography studio. The goal is to have full control over the lighting and scenery, to create a “perfect” image in technical terms. This type of portrait is very common in advertising or corporate photography.

Lifestyle Portrait

In this type of portrait the person is photographed in an environment/scenario that helps tell their story, profession, hobbies, personal tastes or personality. Photographs can be taken outdoors or indoors and the objective is to show the subject in their everyday environment (in their home, in a cafe, in a garden) or in their professional environment.

Artistic portrait:

It is a more experimental and artistic style of portraiture. Generally, the subject is photographed in an unconventional way, using techniques such as double exposure or image superimposition. The goal is to create a unique and expressive image that captures the person's personality in a more subjective way.

Documentary portrait

This type of portrait is used to document the lives of people in different cultures and places. Generally, people are photographed in their natural environment and the aim is to capture the essence of their everyday life. The documentary portrait is often used in journalistic works and documentary photography.