Vision of the Arts in current Latin America/ Argentina

Vision of the Arts in current Latin America/ Argentina


In the images of the works of Nata Tolosa, Guillermo Kuitka and Taxonomía, UNTREF Electronic Arts Group, we can reaffirm the preceding assertions.

There are abstractions, symbolisms, some figurative elements that only lead us to interpret them. In the first author cited, these are contents of people located in a past time, extracted from the past, above all which a critic emphasizes that it brings us closer to a world of pure creation, of creative delight, in which it is possible to delve so deeply. as we want, and dream. That is to say, we notice a comment with the purest subjective and interpretive language for the thematic treatment.

Technically, Nana Tolosa's production presents the visual fragmentation of the material in its pictorial spaces impregnated with walls, based on textures, lumps and dried silt.

Guillermo Kuitka's work also presents features of searching for content based on a reality seen in its own way, changing, infinite. But the interpretation of the visualizer can be freed and expressed.

It is a plastic production that does not register difficulties in its technical development. He uses any material and method that is within his reach, which facilitates the observer's reflection.

Taxonomy, UNTREF Electronic Arts Group, proposes visual representations with no greater expressively emotional projection than those that can be made by a current material, such as the electrical circuit.

Nana Tolosa, a. 2012

Guillermo Kuitka, a. 2012

Taxonomy | UNTREF Electronic Arts Group, a. 2012