Bolivia integrates with its art and culture into the MICSUR 2024 ecosystem

Bolivia integrates with its art and culture into the MICSUR 2024 ecosystem

In a meeting that brought together 330 people from nine Latin American countries, Bolivia participated in the fourth version of the Southern Cultural Industries Market (MICSUR) 2024 with two delegates who represented the country in an international meeting with more than 50 activities carried out in Santiago de Chile. Susana Obando and Fabricio Nava, both prominent cultural managers, were the country's representatives in this event that, since 2014, is considered the largest platform that brings together artists, entrepreneurs and sellers from different countries in creative sectors of participation for the exchange of goods and services.

This year, the participation of the Bolivian delegation was essential to publicize the cultural wealth of creators and artists to open up to new markets in the international creative sector.

After the meeting, Nava expressed that MICSUR is an important space for the cultural and creative industries of Bolivia to make Bolivian art visible to international markets.

“All of this contributes to being able to build a ‘country brand’ and a ‘personal brand’ for each artist, aiming at the professionalization and internationalization of Bolivian cultural products,” he stated.

Bolivia's participation in MICSUR 2024 was possible thanks to the collaboration of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile, which covered part of the costs of the national delegation in order to guarantee the country's presence at this meeting.

Both Obando and Nava indicated that it was not possible to obtain the same support from Bolivian authorities, which is why they emphasize that it is essential that they can guarantee the country's participation in future MICSUR efforts due to its relevance to the national cultural heritage.