The influence of Latin American artists in the United States

The influence of Latin American artists in the United States

Latin Brazil: Valéria Piccoli and Latin American art

Curator at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) shows the influence of artists from the continent in the United States

After working on the curatorial teams at Fundação Bienal de São Paulo and Pinacoteca do Estado, architect Valéria Piccoli went to Minneapolis, where at the end of 2022 she assumed responsibility for creating the Latin American art area at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts ( MIA), one of the most prestigious encyclopedic museums in the United States.

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo, where she also received her master's degree and doctorate, Valéria now has the mission of bringing works to MIA that reflect the main influences of Latin American artists in the visual arts. One of her objectives is to dispel the idea, very common among the North American public, that Latin American art has its base only in pre-Columbian history.

As curator, she also has the responsibility of seeking support to ensure the sustainability of the museum, work that in Brazil is delegated to other functions. Another characteristic that marks a difference between North American and Brazilian public museums is the possibility of raising resources through the availability and sale of works from the collection, which somewhat breaks the idea of permanent collections.

Latin Brazil

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