Two works by master Carlos Jacanamijoy in Bogotá

Two works by master Carlos Jacanamijoy in Bogotá

Two works by the master Carlos Jacanamijoy arrive at the Casa de Nariño to fill it with color

Yesterday, master Carlos Jacanamijoy presented two of his works to President Gustavo Petro at the Casa de Nariño. These are 'At the beginning of the day' and 'The yellow before noon', delivered under the form of bailment.

«The president had been asking for several months that other types of artists from the country be included and he is an admirer of the work of the master Jacanamijoy. As MinCulturas we will include it in the inventory of the National Museum and we will try to acquire it,' said the Minister of Cultures, Arts and Knowledge, Juan David Correa.

The author expressed himself about these works: «It is that whole idea of ​​the exuberant nature that we have, that force that we feel from it and from what we are. My painting is not so much for thinking, but for feeling.
He also referred to what it means to him that they arrive at this place. «I think it's nice that paintings like this come to the Palace, where we feel, as a country. Let us feel the tenderness, the love we have for our land, for who we are? I love that they will be here when the President leaves and that he will see them every day.

Carlos Jacanamijoy was born in Santiago, Putumayo, and belongs to the Inga people. He is one of the indigenous painters with the greatest national and international projection. He has had solo exhibitions at the Smithsonian Museum in New York and Washington, at the Casa de América in Madrid, Spain, at the Workers' Palace in China, and at the United Nations Palace in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2020 he held an exhibition at the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo and in 2021 an exhibition at the Korea Foundation in the city of Seoul.

In 2013 the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá presented its first retrospective entitled 'Magic, memory and color'. Seven books have been published about his work and it is in public and private collections in Colombia, France, Germany, England, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States.