Latin American Festival of Performing Arts (FLAE)

Latin American Festival of Performing Arts (FLAE)

Performing arts festival announced in Orlando

The fourth edition of the Latin American Festival of Performing Arts (FLAE) will be held in Orlando from June 17 to 23, with online and live programming
MIAMI.- The fourth edition of the Latin American Festival of Performing Arts (FLAE) will be held in Orlando from June 17 to 23, with online and live programming that includes performances by Miami theater groups, the Open Scene company announced.
The festival starts on the 17th with the virtual phase that extends until the 20th. The live performances will be presented from the 21st to the 23rd, at the Fringe Art Space, in Downtown Orlando.
Online programming

Monday 17 | Workshop on the power of visual communication through illustration led by Gisela Romero, a Venezuelan-American visual artist based in Orlando, followed by “The Lion and the Tamer,” a moving work produced by Artefactus Cultural Project of Miami, which explores the challenges of immigration through the allegory of a circus.

Tuesday 18 | Workshop "New Musicians" explores the music production technologies at your fingertips, presented by French-Venezuelan artist Fabiana Cruz from Barcelona, ​​Spain; It is followed from Caracas by the broadcast of "This Is Salem", an impressive adaptation of Arthur Miller's classic “The Crucible”, produced by Teatro de la Penumbra.

Wednesday 19 | Felipe Flores, current project manager for the development of the new Living Museum of Muralism in Mexico City, will teach a workshop on Cultural Management, followed from Buenos Aires by the Argentine musical “A Movie Without Julie”, a story about resilience and hope intertwined with songs by Julie Andrews, produced by Luli Brindisi. Closing the virtual phase,

Thursday 20 | Evening of the introspective and powerful Japanese Butoh dance, with the screening of the short documentary “Ofrenda de la Sombra” and a practical workshop led by experts from Caracas. "At the end of each presentation, the public will be able to chat live with the cast and technical teams, for that we will be broadcasting from headquarters in Caracas, Madrid and Orlando to provide a space where people can come with the perfect excuse to meet, toast and "Enjoy together these contents that are not found everywhere," says Mariela Saad, general producer of the festival.
Live Features

Friday 21 | Premiere of “Tebas Land”, by renowned Uruguayan playwright Sergio Blanco, delving into the myth of Oedipus, masterfully produced by Arca Images of Miami.

Saturday 22 | Premiere of “Bandolero y Malasangre” by Gustavo Ott, a black comedy starring a single actor in six roles and eleven voices, produced by Teatro GALA in Washington D.C.

Sunday 23 | Florida debut of “Odd Man Out”, an immersive sensory journey in complete darkness, produced by PitchBlack Immersive Experiences invited from New York City. The stage has limited seating.
About the festival

Open Scene is dedicated to fostering multiculturalism through diverse and dynamic programming that celebrates creativity and inclusion at all levels.

“We are happy to present such a rich and elevated tapestry of artistic expressions. “This festival is an exceptional opportunity for cultural immersion and celebration of our vibrant multicultural spirit,” said Thamara Bejarano, festival director.

From Thursday to Sunday, the festival presents the free immersive installation "Deslave" in the theater lobby. Through a series of drawings and theatrical elements, the exhibition invites us to explore the unpredictable upheavals of life and its parallels with natural phenomena.

The productions can be enjoyed in Spanish with live audio translation in English or subtitles, except for the “New Musicians” workshop and the play “Odd Man Out,” which will be presented in English.