Art Week 2024 in CDMX

Art Week 2024 in CDMX

WARP at Art Week 2024: everything you need to know about Art Week in CDMX

From February 7 to 11, Mexico City will be home to the largest celebration of creativity in all of Latin America; and here we present a complete guide with the events and must-see places of Art Week 2024.
Thanks to the effort, dedication and work of thousands over several decades, we can say - with complete certainty - that Mexico City is one of the world capitals of Art; And we say this not only because it is the city with the most museums in the world, but also because it is the nerve center where prolific minds and hands converge at the service of the avant-garde around aesthetics and discourse.

With that in mind, Art Week is the summit event to ratify the previous premise. Special exhibitions, fairs, salons, biennials, independent galleries and shows... Everything everywhere at the same time.

And since Art is not only to be appreciated but also to be experienced in community, here we bring you the most complete guide with what you should visit no matter what over the next few days as part of the 2024 Art Week circuit in the CDMX.


Dates: February 8 to 11.

Location: Proyecto Publico Prim (Calle Gral. Prim 30, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Colonia Juárez, CDMX).

Cost: From 300 pesos directly at the box office.

ACME Salon is an initiative that aims to promote and disseminate emerging artists who develop their work throughout the planet. The history of Salón ACME dates back 13 years and since then it has enjoyed the same format with six well-defined sections: Call, State, Warehouse, Projects, Room and Patio.

From the beginning, Salón ACME has sought to establish itself as an alternative to the contemporary art circuit by offering new proposals with the possibility of meeting directly with artists and curators.

MACO zone

Dates: February 7 to 11.

Location: CitiBanamex Center (Av. del Conscripto 311, Lomas de Sotelo, Hipódromo de las Américas, Miguel Hidalgo, 11610 Mexico City, CDMX).

Cost: From $450 pesos in this click.

Each edition of Zona MACO has something special but for its 20th birthday we can't expect anything less than spectacular. The project founded by Zélika García returns with the certainty of being the largest Contemporary Art fair in Latin America thanks to its always powerful and purposeful structure: Zona Maco México Arte Contemporáneo, Zona Maco Diseño, Zona Maco Salón del Anticuario and Zona Maco Photo .


Dates: From February 8 to 11.

Location: Expo Reforma (Av. Morelos 67, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Mexico City, CDMX)

Cost: From 250 pesos directly at the box office.

For its tenth anniversary, Feria Material intends to go all out with an edition that will bring together works from 73 exhibitors from 18 countries and 36 cities, with more than 200 participating artists, including 34 of them debutants at the event.

BADA 2024 Fair

Dates: From February 8 to 11.

Place: Campo Marte (Known address S/N, Polanco, Chapultepec, 11580 Mexico City)

Cost: Free access.

With 12 years of consistent success in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since 2022 in Madrid, Spain, BADA has challenged conventional art sales schemes by establishing a direct connection between the artist and the buyer. BADA presents itself as a platform that innovates by disseminating art through more accessible prices. Its main objective is to bring art to all people, even those who do not usually visit galleries or art fairs.

THIS IS NOT by Dot.DayNight Festival

Dates: From February 8 to 11.

Location: General Prim 113, Col.Juárez.

Cost: Free access.

DOT.DAYNIGHT in alliance with Perla Gálvez and Uniq Luxury Art are pleased to invite you to “ESTO NO ES.” in a new installment of the multidisciplinary artistic-cultural festival, which brings together a group of artists with medium and long careers.

Presenting an exhibition that seeks to challenge conventional boundaries, by immersing the viewer in an intimate journey through emotional duality. The artists, who masterfully exercise different techniques in their artistic work, have created captivating works that explore the borders between pleasure and pain, unraveling the intrinsic connection that exists between these apparently contradictory experiences that occur in all stages of being. human.

The pieces selected for the exhibition transcend mere aesthetics to question, provoke and celebrate the richness found in embracing all facets of our emotions. From the subtlety of the visual compositions to the power of the installations, each work invites the audience to explore the duality in their own perceptions, challenging the norm and provoking deep reflections.

Unique Design X Mexico City

Dates: From February 8 to 11.

Location: Expo Reforma (Av. Morelos 67, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Mexico City, CDMX)

Costs: Directly at the box office.

Unique Design is an art commercial platform, founded by Morgan Morris Sans, with a special focus on promoting functional art or collectible design, as well as the community of artists, galleries, collectors, enthusiasts and art institutions, with special focus multigenerational. Its origins date back to China, during Shanghai Art Week in 2019, and have since continued in Paris and the United States.

Illustration Biennale

Dates: From February 8 to 11.

Location: Digital Cultural Center (Av. P.º de la Reforma S/N, Juárez, Miguel Hidalgo, 06600 Mexico City, CDMX)

Costs: Free access.

The Illustration Biennial, established in 2018 by Pictoline, represents one of the most anticipated events for illustrators from Mexico, Latin America and the rest of the world. After a thorough selection process that began after the call closed on November 15 (closing on December 6), this initiative, which seeks to highlight talent, creativity and personal worlds expressed through artistic illustration, is pleased to announce an exceptional group of artists recognized for their ingenuity, craftsmanship and, especially, their perspective.


Dates: From February 10 to February 14.

Location: National Workshop (Lucerna 32, Col. Juárez).

Costs: Free access.

This represents a platform dedicated to recognizing and promoting the work of Latin American artists and designers residing in Mexico through an innovative approach that combines an exhibition hall with large-scale festive events.

QiPO Fair 2024

Dates: From February 8 to 11.

Location: Temoskali (City Hall 114, Colonia Centro).

Costs: Free access.

In its fourth edition, QiPO Fair will feature the participation of more than 30 artistic initiatives from various parts of the world. Since its inception in 2019, QiPO Fair has stood out for its focus on the community and artistic initiatives at a global level. Laura Reséndiz, executive director of QiPO, highlights that it is an inclusive opportunity both for artists looking for spaces outside the market system and for the public interested in discovering projects outside the commercial circuit.