Illustrations reflect the brutal Israeli operation in Gaza

Illustrations reflect the brutal Israeli operation in Gaza

For more than seventy years, the illegitimate Zionist regime killed the oppressed population of Palestine. This regime committed the most brutal crimes against these people during the aforementioned period, and now that news about Palestine and Israel is at the top of world news, let's review some of the works of artists who support the oppressed population of Palestine.

Several illustrators and caricaturists, belonging to different and independent media outlets, provide a scathing critique of Israel's operation against the Gaza Strip. The images seek to reflect the new crisis that crosses the Middle East.

The illustration shows an Israeli sitting comfortably in a cell, while he observes and controls the bombings on the Gaza Strip.

The image denounces the indiscriminate killing of Palestinian children by the Israeli Army.

The caricature displays Israel's brutal operation in Gaza. So, while an Israeli tank blocks and points with a canyon at a gate that represents Gaza, it is said from the tank: "We will allow the evacuation of civilians..." To which they respond from a Gaza on the edge of the precipice: "¿ Where from?"

The image denounces Israel's indiscriminate bombings of the civilian population of Gaza.


Two viewers shout "goal" simultaneously, however, while one is watching a football match, the other is watching the bombings on the Gaza Strip live.

"Israel destroys Palestinian tunnels". The image shows the fall of an Israeli missile destroying the courtyard of a United Nations school in Gaza.

In the caricature you can see an Israeli soldier tearing down a Palestinian building. The building inevitably falls on top of another building carrying a cartel indicating that it is the headquarters of "Israeli security".

Missiles with the star of David rush into a baby's car, denouncing the constant murder of innocents and civilians in Gaza.

It shows Barack Obama writing a letter to the president of Israel. However, the letter, bound for Tel Aviv, also includes a box of bombs and missiles. The image reads "Dear Benjamin, stop bombing Gaza. Kind regards, Barack".

The illustration, titled "Israhell" (Israeli hell), compares the cruelty that Gaza experiences with what happened during the Vietnam War. For this he takes as a basis the photograph of the "girl in napalm".

The illustration denounces the disparity between Israeli and Palestinian attacks.

"The horror show called Israel". The image shows the former Israeli president, Shimon Peres, throwing knuckles at a woman from Gaza, in what appears to be a spectacle for the Israeli public.