Photos by José Luis Díaz of the march of the people of Caracas in support of Palestine

Photos by José Luis Díaz of the march of the people of Caracas in support of Palestine

Hundreds of people marched in Caracas against the genocide in Palestine
A significant number of people gathered this Thursday in Bolívar Square, in the center of Caracas, to express their support for the people of Palestine, currently victims of heavy bombing by the state of Israel, which claims to do so in retaliation. due to an attack by the Hamas resistance group carried out last Saturday.

Under the slogan "Long live free Palestine", the protesters waved flags and expressed messages of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people.

"This activity is the product of solidarity, conscience, and commitment of the Venezuelan people and the Venezuelan popular organizations that have always supported the fight for the independence of the peoples of the world." This was said by the coordinator of the Platform of Solidarity with the Palestinian Cause in Venezuela, Hindu Anderi. The rally is a sign that "Palestine is not alone, because all the people of the world are coming together at this moment and are condemning the Zionist entity of Israel."

Anderi also strongly criticized the mainstream hegemonic media, which defends and prioritizes the actions of the Israeli state against the Palestinians.

The Palestinian ambassador to Venezuela, Fadi Alzaben, thanked Caracas for its support. In addition, he told the media present that the rally also serves to call on the international community to request that humanitarian aid be allowed into the Gaza Strip. «It is a show of solidarity, support and rejection and repudiation of what is happening in Palestine. In Palestine we are witnessing genocide, massive destruction and we must denounce it.