7 days and 7 themes to connect with nature

7 days and 7 themes to connect with nature

MuseumWeek 2024 arrives: 7 days and 7 themes to connect with nature

Cultural organizations and museums from around the world will meet from Monday, June 3 to Sunday, June 9 to highlight biodiversity and urban sustainability through a series of thematic hashtags

In 2023, the Culture For Causes Network initiated the “Nature and Culture” program, driven by the deep belief that to facilitate humanity's reconciliation with itself and the natural world, it is crucial to engage emotions and reshape perceptions through of the power of culture.
This program also sets the stage for MuseumWeek 2024, a global event scheduled for June 3-9. During this week, cultural organizations from around the world are invited to develop a mix of physical and digital initiatives, adopting the concept of “7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags”.

To maintain balance and avoid overloading the week with excessive content on a single topic, not every day will focus exclusively on environmental topics, but this remains the main topic this year as well. Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums are encouraged to interpret these hashtags in a way that aligns with their specific field of expertise and the unique nature of their institution.
In a world marked by turmoil, “culture stands as a beacon of unity and understanding, transcending borders and fostering a sense of shared humanity,” the organizers of the initiative understand. It serves as a repository of collective memory and history, reminding us of our interconnectedness amid global challenges. Culture enriches our lives, offering comfort and inspiration, and fostering resilience in the face of adversity. It facilitates dialogue and empathy, building bridges and nurturing peace through the appreciation of diverse perspectives.”

How to take part?
There are seven days and seven hashtags during Museum Week. It is suggested to share cultural content on official channels with the hashtag of the day. You can also organize physical activities in the museum and share the story on official channels with the hashtag of the day. In previous editions, museums have offered a variety of things such as concerts, workshops, interviews and even live video events.
Who can participate?
Everyone, including artists and cultural groups, can fully participate in the action. The action is also open to anyone who loves culture, to share their own content and even help plan some fun events.

Participation is free, although the organization offers some additional packages for participants seeking more detailed statistics or visibility.
MuseumWeek 2024 hashtags
June 3: #BehindtheSceneMW
A look at hidden areas of museums, highlighting what happens when the doors are closed. This includes restoration work, exhibition preparation, and other aspects of museum operations that are rarely seen by the public.

#SecretMuseum • #ArtRestoration • #ExhibitionsInPreparation • #CulturalConservation • #HiddenHeritage • #ArtWithoutBorders • #LivingHistory • #HiddenTreasures • #MuseumInnovation • #CultureInConservation • #CulturalManagement • #ArtAndScience • #MuseumDetails • #BehindTheCurtains • #MuseumOperations • # ArtInTheWorkshop • #CreativeProcess • #InternalLook • #HiddenSpaces • #UntoldStories • #MWSecrets • #Secrets
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