Cuba: Art Unites Us, more than a slogan, a commitment

Cuba: Art Unites Us, more than a slogan, a commitment

Havana, June 11 (Prensa Latina) The II Day of Art Theory and Criticism, organized by the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), begins today in Havana with an extensive cultural program until June 13 at Pabellón Cuba, located in the city center.

The event, as its name suggests, will unite theory and practice and is co-sponsored by the Juan Marinello Cuban Institute for Cultural Research, which, together with AHS, will focus on literary criticism, performance and visual arts.

The event will be accompanied by a postgraduate course and a meeting with participants to share experiences in the field of criticism, with an emphasis on cultural policies and the role of in-depth analysis in the media.

Specifically, Tuesday's session starts very early, with the Álbum Café space, words of welcome to the forum and the intervention of the president of AHS, Yasel Toledo Garnache.

This will be followed by a session on essays and literary criticism, and then a session on criticism in the mass media.

The afternoon will be equally full, with a meeting on visual arts in Cuba, historiography and other topics, ending at 16:00 local time with the disassembly of a work of art, a practical exercise that will test skills and, above all, , new challenges.

On Wednesday the 12th, Pabellón Cuba returns with a whirlwind of young critics as well as established experts to discuss art in general: ethics, performing arts and other reflections on current challenges in various manifestations.