Illustrator from Antofagasta exhibited at a prominent national art fair

Illustrator from Antofagasta exhibited at a prominent national art fair

Dani BlanQ, a renowned artist in the world of design and who has collaborated with renowned brands, exhibited her work at "ArtStgo", one of the most important visual arts events in Chile.

Graphic designer by profession and with more than 40 thousand followers on Instagram, Daniela Blanq Mc-Kay -Dani BlanQ- was part of the national fair "Art Stgo", a space where hundreds of artists, from different areas, must apply to be part of this event. After a long selection process, Dani BlanQ managed to be accepted into the exhibition, an instance that allowed her to further publicize her brand as well as sell her original work and share with her followers.

"Last year I visited ArtStgo and I was delighted to see so many artists and their unique works, which is why I set myself the goal of applying and being selected for this year's version," commented Dani BlanQ, who also added that "people, When they see my works, they ask me what inspires me to do my work, so to feel that people are interested in my art is very rewarding and significant to be able to continue working”.

ArStgo has more than 10 years of existence and summons artists from the areas of photography, ceramics, drawing, among others. For this year, the fair managed to bring together more than 150 artists. For Daniela, it was not only an opportunity to exhibit her work, but also to learn the techniques of other artists. “I don't just stay with what I do, I like to talk with other artists to see what they do differently from what I do. It is always good to meet other artists, regardless of the way of expressing it”.


This artist, a former student of the Liceo Domingo Herrera Rivera, has managed to position herself within the group of nationally recognized illustrators such as Ingesman, Nicol Sepúlveda (La vida de Nicol), Pamebri, among others.

But the road, as for everyone, has had its ups and downs. “Motivated by the lack of real and profitable opportunities in the artistic area, I found myself in need of creating a company and products in which I could capture my art. And in this way, generate income to sustain myself and have the time and creative freedom that I needed, ”she pointed out.

Little by little, and with the rise of e-commerce in 2020 due to the pandemic, the Dani BlanQ brand began to be more requested on the Internet, even managing to run out of stock thanks to the high demand from followers and influencers.

“My brand evolved and went from being a product store to the conformation of a community. Where I can tell my story, express my feelings and create art”.
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Although Daniela Tapia has been living in Santiago for more than 6 years, she still maintains her connection with Antofagasta not only for personal reasons, but also for the world of design and illustration. For her, Antofagasta has an immensely rich and inspiring cultural niche to create and express herself. In addition, she added that “Antofagasta is still in debt with all the cultural exhibitions. Either in exhibition places or at events”.

For now and for those who want to know the work of Dani BlanQ, the artist has her Instagram account, where you can contact her to purchase some of her works.