Pinta Sud will fill Paraguay with art in August

Pinta Sud will fill Paraguay with art in August

During the month of August, the city of Asunción in Paraguay will be filled with art thanks to the Pinta Sud initiative, which from 2022 seeks to carry out cultural programs in Latin American cities to celebrate their growing artistic scenes.

In this third edition, its mission to strengthen cultural networks between the international art world and the local scene is maintained, resulting in projects and economic opportunities, training and positioning of Latin American art.

Pinta Sud | ASU coordinates a special week of visual arts activations in collaboration with public and private actors in the Paraguayan city. Don't miss the appointment set for the week of August 5 to 11, 2024. The venue will be the Cultural Center of the City Manzana de la Rivera, Juan de Ayolas 129 in Asunción.

Pinta is an important international platform for the promotion of Latin American art worldwide. Focusing on Latin America, Pinta carries out three annual art fairs -Pinta Miami, Pinta PArC and Pinta BAphoto-, the Arte Al Día publishing house, special initiatives such as Pinta Sud among other special events and programs. Pinta seeks to generate an interconnected and expansive ecosystem where curators, collectors, gallery owners, artists, public-private institutions and art fans meet.

With information from Pinta Sud | ASU 2024