Magic and color without limits

Magic and color without limits

Magic and color without limits, the Latin artistic key of a new mural in Orlando

The artistic duo Tratos, of Cuban origin, premieres a new work of public art that fuses nature, magic and family love

The mural, the most versatile format of public art, has become an artistic expression that reflects the diversity and immense creativity of cities. The great sense of belonging and identity that these magnificent works generate, wherever they are, is well reflected in Wynwood, for example.
Orlando, in central Florida, has also known how to provide walls with artistic proposals that, in addition to an aesthetic expression, consider expressing a powerful message that speaks to many of the concerns that those of us who live in the city have. Freedom, love and union are frequent themes, where the new work that illustrates one of the walls of the Art Walk of Disney Springs fits: El Nido.
Flowers, butterflies, beautiful birds, and lots of tropical color frame a beautiful baby who enjoys a magical universe in which he is protected and safe. This scene has been created by Tratos, an artistic duo of Cuban origin with notable works in New York; in Harrisburg and York, cities in Pennsylvania; and in Miami, specifically in Wynwood, Little Havana, Miami Beach, and at the Frost Art Museum.
Juan Travieso, who arrived from Cuba in 1997, explains that Tratos is a combination of the first three letters of his last name, and the last three of his partner's last name, Katerina Santos. “There is an interesting play between the two words, naughty and saints, so we decided to put them together into one that would define us.”

And just as life as a couple is about making deals, negotiating and making decisions together, the name of this romantic and artistic duo highlights the strength of the union.

They do not divide the work, the two work together on all their projects. The concept, making the first sketch, the design and then the direct work on the mural, either drawing or adding the color. “The only difference now is that we had a son, Luka, and we alternate work, to be with him.”

For this mural, the idea was to think about what magic was for them, and they decided to paint their son because he is the most magical thing at this moment in their lives, and that is why the universe they have created for this work has a very personal meaning since the entire family is represented in each of its elements.

“My mom's name is Rosa, so she is on the right. My dad is a sparrowhawk. A strong bird that protects us, the other bird is me. On the other side is Katerina. So we are all making a family nest full of magic that takes care of and protects it.”

And the fact is that family unity is such an important key for Latinos that it is not strange to appreciate artistic expressions that give it a kind of super power that gives value and strength to all those who make it up.

Likewise, color is another characteristic element of the work, and of Latinity. Juan explains that they do not have any reservations about the color. They use it in abundance and believe that it comes from vibe, energy and joy and a connection to their origins as Latinos.

Their next plans include painting the Funky Budha warehouse in Fort Lauderdale inside and out, and other projects that are yet to be completed with which they will continue creating their colorful universes full of magic and color.