Exhibition These eyes that the earth

Exhibition These eyes that the earth

08 ago 2023 16 sep 2023

Exhibition Description
"THESE EYES THAT EARTH" brings reflections on the environment and its social and political connections in Brazilian contemporary art

The Correios Cultural Center - São Paulo exhibits the exhibition "THESE EYES QUE THE EARTH", a collective exhibition bringing together works by seven artists - Osvaldo Gaia, Mercedes Lachmann, Vítor Mizael, Alexandre Murucci, Berna Reale, José Rufino, Jeane Terra - that address fundamental issues related to the environment and its interactions with society and politics. The central proposal is to investigate the continuity of the balance between man and nature, as well as the challenges and problems that emerge from this relationship, through different poetics.
The curatorship, under the responsibility of Theo Monteiro, aims to understand how the relationship between man and the environment he inhabits is discussed in Brazilian contemporary art, broadly exploring the environmental theme, of great relevance in the current scenario. However, in addition to this focus, the exhibition includes topics related to social, historical, political and biological issues, enriching the diversity of perspectives of the participating artists.

The artists present at the show use different artistic languages, such as painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation, to express their visions and reflections on the themes in focus.

We highlight some of the approaches:
• Jeane Terra: Presents works that address the phenomena of rising seas and their effects caused by global warming;
• José Rufino: Explores issues related to land use, observing the clash between rural people and large economic groups, and their impacts on Brazilian environmental dynamics;
• Osvaldo Gaia: Dedicated to portraying riverside traditions and Amazonian nomenclature, reflecting on the relationship between man and nature in the region;
• Vítor Mizael: Uses fauna as the central theme of his artistic poetics, bringing reflections on its configuration in the contemporary context;
• Alexandre Murucci: Presents an installation that reflects the civilizing impasse between man and nature;
• Mercedes Lachmann: Exhibits works that establish a relationship with the plant world, combining different potency of plants through sensitive alchemy;
• Berna Reale: His impactful work consists of videos that show the complex relationships between man and the environment, with multiple social, political, philosophical and poetic connotations.
The exhibition seeks to contribute to dialogue and awareness about the importance of environmental preservation and its implications for contemporary society and politics.

•    Artists

• Osvaldo Gaia (Belém, PA 1961)
• Mercedes Lachmann (Rio de Janeiro, RJ 1964)
• Vítor Mizael (São Caetano do Sul, SP 1982)
• Alexandre Murucci (Rio de Janeiro, RJ 1961)
• Berna Reale (Belém, PA 1965)
• José Rufino (João Pessoa, PB 1965)
• Jeane Terra (Minas Gerais 1975)
• Curator
Theo Monteiro (São Paulo, SP) - Master in Social History from the University of São Paulo (2022) and graduated in History from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences of the University of São Paulo (2016). With extensive experience in the areas of History, Art History, Critics and Curatorship, her research focuses on modern and contemporary Brazilian and Latin American art. In addition to acting as a curator, Theo teaches courses, participates in juries and collaborates in artistic follow-up projects. He is also one of the authors of the exhibition catalog "AI-5 50 years: it is not over yet", a publication awarded with the 2020 Jabuti Prize.

Correios Cultural Center (CCCSP) / Avenida São João, s/nº / São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Aug 08, 2023 - Sep 16, 2023
Aug 08, 2023 / 4:00 pm
From Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm.
Free entrance
Commissioned by:
Theo Monteiro
Organized by:
Post Office Cultural Center Sao Paulo
Participating artists:
Alexandre Murucci, Berna Reale, Jeane Terra, José Rufino Paraiba, Mercedes Lachmann, Osvaldo Gaia, Vitor Mizael
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