Seminar "History of Art: Beyond Silence

Seminar "History of Art: Beyond Silence

Seminar "History of Art: Beyond Silence" rescues the work of Christina Balbão

The Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum (MARGS), an institution linked to the State Secretariat for Culture (Sedac), sponsored by Banrisul, announces the seminar "Art History - Beyond Silence", as part of the exhibition's Public Program "Christina Balbão - Beyond silence". The event will feature three lectures, which will take place this Thursday (07), in the MARGS Auditorium, with free entry on a first-come, first-served basis.

The objective of the seminar is to discuss the insertion of abstract art in the State, addressing the historical context of artist Christina Balbão's production, as well as issues of gender and education. The speakers are experts and researchers on the topic.

Christina Balbão was an artist, teacher and employee at MARGS. Her artistic production is little publicly recognized, and the exhibition "Christina Balbão-Beyond silence" seeks to rescue and reevaluate her work, highlighting her pioneering spirit in the modernization of artistic languages.

The exhibition is also a tribute to Christina Balbão's work as a MARGS professional over more than 50 years, recognizing her importance in the creation and consolidation of the museum, especially in relation to the educational function of cultural facilities for society.

Curated by Cristina Barros, Blanca Brites and Mel Ferrari, "Christina Balbão - Beyond Silence" is one of the main exhibitions in the program celebrating MARGS' 70th anniversary, to be celebrated on July 27, 2024.
About each lecture

This Thursday (07) three lectures will be held in the MARGS Auditorium, covering different topics related to art in Rio Grande do Sul.

The first, entitled "Pioneers of art in Rio Grande do Sul", will be taught by Blanca Brites and Paulo Gomes, both from the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts at the Federal University of RS (PPGAV/UFRGS). The lecture takes place from 11 am to 12 pm and there is no need to register in advance. The target audience is all age groups and 60 places will be available, on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the afternoon, at 2pm, Diego Groisman, also from PPGAV/UFRGS, presents the lecture "The initial path of abstract art in Rio Grande do Sul". The duration will be 45 minutes.

The last lecture of the day, starting at 3pm and lasting 45 minutes, will have the theme "The modern educator: comments on the artistic and pedagogical practice of Christina Balbão". The speaker will be Cristina Barros, from MARGS and PPGAV/UFRGS.

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