Dance show ‘The Colors of Latin America’ arrives at Teatro Amazonas

Dance show ‘The Colors of Latin America’ arrives at Teatro Amazonas

The show performed by Panorando Cia is free and admission to the Theater is free.

Amazonas – Teatro Amazonas hosts, this Wednesday (27th), at 8pm, the dance show “As Cores da América Latina”. The presentation is carried out by Panorando Cia, with support from the State Government, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy. Classification is free and entry is free.

The show mixes urban and contemporary dances, with colors and aesthetics promoting a journey through Latin American culture, starring traditional events, such as the Fiesta de La Tirana (Chile), Huaconada (Peru) and the Brazilian scenic festival Cavalo-Marinho.

“The scenic visuality makes use of a vibrant color palette, in addition to six masks of ‘Fofão’, a traditional character from the Maranhão Carnival, in Brazil, which complete the characters’ aesthetics”, said the event director, Fábio Moura. And he adds that “the show talks about Latin American multiculturalism, interacting some traditions from other countries with elements of our popular culture”.

The project was included in the Manaus 2022 Prize Competition Thiago de Mello | Artists and Cultural Professionals, from the Municipal Foundation for Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult) and the Municipal Council of Culture (Concultura).


Fábio Moura is directing, producing and photographing the show. Talita Menezes is the assistant director. Choreography is a collective creation. The presentation features Ana Carolina Nunes, Benner Siqueira, Fernando C. Branco, Marcos Telles, Reysson Brandão and Talita Menezes as interpreters-creators. Fábio Moura and Talita Menezes share visuality and musical research. Lú de Menezes made the costumes.


Panorando Cia e Produtora was founded in 2016, to integrate arts professionals in Manaus. In 2017, the group began to act as a producer of events and dance and theater shows. The 5 Minutos em Cena Festival: Circus, Dance, Theater and Performance is one of the highlights of Panorando’s productions. In 2018, the company received an Honorable Mention from the Amazonas Theater Federation (Fetam), the Jurupari Trophy, for holding the event.

The group also produced the shows in process: curumins (2017); Notes About Her (2017); 1960: interim title (2018); Jamais Fomos Modernos (2018/2019) and Sodade (2019/2020). The company has already performed in Amazonas and in the states of Pará, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais.