Asphalt painting100 works and 30 artists

Asphalt painting100 works and 30 artists

Asphalt painting: 100 works and 30 artists in the Vivi Berthet exhibition at the UBA

Source: TN – The asphalt painting technique will be the main protagonist of this exhibition, which can be visited until June 18 at the UBA Law Faculty, with free admission.

With more than 100 works on display and the participation of 30 artists, visual artist Vivi Berthet presents “Significant Coincidences” until June 18, a new exhibition from her art laboratory, in the Lost Steps hall of the Faculty of UBA Law. Admission will be free.

The exhibition is under the coordination of Zulma García Cuerva. Berthet proposes a unique experience through the use of asphalt paint as the main protagonist of the exhibition, a technique that allows creating unique and exclusive pieces, enhancing the artist's creativity.

Furthermore, between June 27 and 30, Berthet's works can be seen in a new edition of Arte en La Herencia, in Pilar, to benefit the Conin foundation.

“I dedicate my time to deepening my personal search, exploring the union of geometric shapes and their coexistence with the organic; The abstract transparencies lead me to imagine urban spaces and mystical depths. Geometry of pentagons and hexagons that increase and decrease their limits give shape to diffuse thresholds, and invite me to travel through real or illusory microcosms,” she maintains.

Berthet is self-taught and self-managed, she uses asphalt paint as a predominant element in her works, generating different effects with the addition of acrylic paints, inks and resins.

For more than 12 years, she has been experimenting with liquid asphalt, researching mixtures with other materials and textures that – chemically – result in different aesthetic reactions of a certain predictability, but no exact repetition.

The artist regularly participates in various individual and group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. Annually, the artist appears at fairs in different countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Spain, Mexico and the United States.

Since 2016, Berthet has had her space in BADA Buenos Aires, as well as in its respective editions in Mexico City and Madrid. In August, her works will be in the local version of this great art fair, where established and emerging artists come together in direct connection with the public.

In addition, she has a degree in Public and Institutional Relations from UADE and a master's degree in Commercial Management (CMO) from UADE Business School. For 17 years she worked as an undergraduate, graduate, and master's teacher and provided group and/or personalized training in public speaking and writing.