Lost Sheep | Paper Stop Motion Short Film by Lukas Rooney

When a three-legged lamb realizes he is not like other sheep, he leaves the safety of his home, but the good shepherd embarks on a journey to rescue the lost lamb. Summary When a three-legged lamb realizes he is different from the other sheep in his flock, he ventures out into the unknown and becomes lost and alone. Determined to bring the lamb home, the kind-hearted shepherd sets out on a rescue mission. The lamb discovers that he may not be able to achieve great things on his own, but he is loved and valued by the shepherd simply for who he is. This heartwarming tale of love and acceptance will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. Credits Written, Directed and Animated by Lukas Rooney Music by Andrew Gerlicher Additional Programming by Jesse Haugen Special Thanks Alyssa Rooney Fritz and Maria Wienecke Johnathan Burkhardt