Director :Milad Mohammadi
Producer: Hossein Haghighi
Author: Hossein Haghighi
Animator: Abolfazl Mehtri
Lighting, special effects material and rendering: Seyyed Abdul Amir Fakher
Design and modeling of layout and rendering environment: Alireza Yagoubi Feshki
Milad Mohammadi
Rail Story Character designer :Omid Zarezi,
modeling and rigging :Hadi Paknejad
UV and texturing: Rasa Rezaei,
voice acting:Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimi
Logo and poster design : Asad Bankdar
produced in the film club of Surah Sawah Film Club

Festival description:
The first place and the statue of the best animation of the 13th Film Festival 100
American Breast Quest International Festival
Moscow International Festival
China Student Festival and won the third place
Tehran domestic animation festival
and access to several domestic festivals