Peruvian modern art

Peruvian modern art

Peruvian modern art: 6 places to visit and get inspired!

If you are planning a trip to Peru, know that the country holds surprises and attractions far beyond the Inca ruins. In addition to its exuberant nature, internationally recognized cuisine and a history that will give any adventurer chills, the country also has a very avant-garde cultural side. Between museums, galleries and various exhibitions, we can guarantee that modern Peruvian art, without a doubt, can make your itinerary even more complete and surprising.

Do you want to know a little about this more contemporary side of Peru and know what to visit during your cultural tours? So, be sure to read the post until the end and take note of all the tips we have listed below. Let's start?

Check out 6 tour tips for those who want to discover modern Peruvian art
1- Museum of Contemporary Art (Lima)
It wouldn't be possible to talk about modern Peruvian art without mentioning MAC, in the capital Lima. This museum was the result of long work by the IAC (Institute of Contemporary Art), which since 1955 has brought together avant-garde artists and producers from the city, of the most varied styles.

In 2013, the museum finally opened and a series of works became part of the collection that makes up the collection of its main galleries. Most of them are pictures, paintings and canvases by renowned artists of modern Peruvian art, such as Ramiro Llona, Fernando de Szyszio, Armando Varela, José Tola and Enrique Polanco.

However, a tour of MAC is not just about that. There is a very varied, always updated program of events, courses and temporary exhibitions, which are open to the public. Just keep an eye out and follow the calendar on the museum's official website. Without a doubt, a rich cultural tour for those who love art!

2- Mario Testino Museum
Located in Barranco, the museum brings together the main works of Mario Testino, one of the most renowned Peruvian photographers of all time. It was opened in 2012 and, despite being small, the space features major Testino photos, ranging from important Hollywood characters, such as Brad Pitt, to pop and fashion stars, such as Madonna and Gisele Bündchen.

It does not stop there! Even the British royal family has posed for the photographer, which includes official photos of Princess Kate and her baby with Prince William. In the museum there is even a room dedicated to Princess Diana, with photos taken by Testino about a month before the tragic accident that killed Lady Di.

Despite his privileged access to the world of celebrities, the photographer has always valued his roots and dedicates an entire room in the museum to photos of the Peruvian people that he captured on his travels.

3- Lima Art Museum
The so-called MALI, or Lima Art Museum, is undoubtedly one of the most complete and interesting tours to take in the capital. After all, we are talking about one of the largest and most important collections in the country, with pieces, artifacts and objects, both from the pre-Columbian era and the colonial period.

However, its galleries are not just limited to these permanent exhibitions of Peru's history. In several other rooms, there are also shows and exhibitions of the best in modern Peruvian art, from paintings and photographs to performances, dance and sculptures.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the unique architecture of the space, both on the outside (a spectacular 17th century mansion) and on the inside (a checkerboard floor, surrounded by walls of windows and colonial doors). The space also has a library, a store and a cafe. A tour to be done calmly and without rushing!

4- Modern architecture of Lima
All it takes is a stroll through the streets of the capital to come across a city divided between the colonial features of its historic mansions and its modern, refined architecture. These buildings and even imposing skyscrapers can be easily seen over the cliffs of the traditional Miraflores neighborhood, the bohemian and charming Barranco and the noble and modern San Isidro.

The latter is considered the financial heart of the capital and reveals the modernist side of Lima, with tall, attractive buildings, tree-lined streets, the municipal market and good restaurants, as well as the archaeological site of Huaca Huallamarca.

In Barranco, we can highlight the ingenious building of the Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (UTEC). The concrete building was built with shapes that resemble a cliff, with ridges and gorges. At night, it has special lighting.

To give you an idea of the site's engineering, the construction was crowned the “best new building in the world” by the RIBA International Prize.

5- Cusco Contemporary Art Museum
Those who thought that Cusco, the cradle of the Inca civilization, was reserved only for historical tours can also prepare themselves to visit galleries of modern Peruvian art. The city's MAC was founded in 1995, with the support of the mayor at the time and with the donation of 100 works by local artists from a collector called Dr. Luis Rivera Dávalos.

Today, the space has a collection of around 280 works by various Peruvian and foreign painters, sculptors and photographers. Among the most expressive works is the oil painting “Rio Vilnota”, by Remigia Mendoza, dated 1897.

In addition, the museum offers three exhibition rooms, one in the São Bernardo Chapel and another in the main courtyard, dedicated to local artisans.

6- Street art
Most present in Lima, street art is the final tip on our list about modern Peruvian art. Dance and theater interventions and presentations can be seen in squares and streets of the capital.

In addition, graffiti, engravings and stencils also attract the attention of the most observant eyes. Both in Miraflores and Barrancos, it is not difficult to find these arts printed on walls, buildings and posts!

Anyway, these were our tour tips for those who want to complete their itinerary with the most surprising aspects of modern Peruvian art. There is no doubt that a people with such a strong and ever-present culture can provide travelers with truly impressive exhibitions, events and cultural activities. So, have a good trip and enjoy this artistic side of Peru to the fullest.

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