What are Visual Arts

What are Visual Arts

Visual arts is the set of arts that have vision as the main form of evaluation and apprehension.

The concept of visual art is very broad, involving areas such as theater, dance, paintings, collages, prints, cinema, photography, sculpture, architecture, fashion, landscaping, decoration, etc.

New technologies have also revolutionized the concept of visual arts, in areas such as web design, which has a great impact on today's society.

Visual arts are created using various tools and materials, such as paper, wood, plaster, clay, computer programs, image capture and reproduction machines, such as camcorders, cameras and cell phones.

There are visual arts courses, where the student obtains a bachelor's degree or degree. A person with this type of training can work in art direction, audiovisual, also with art education, as a visual artist, etc.

Visual arts and early childhood education
Visual arts are also important in early childhood education, representing an essential stimulus at various stages of children's development.

Through visual arts, children work on their creativity and imagination, acquiring new skills and ways of looking at the world.

The main objective is not for children to value the aesthetic side, but for them to understand that different materials can be transformed to create new elements.