Importance of graphic design in society

Importance of graphic design in society

Not everyone is aware of the importance that design has in society, not everyone understands the work that a designer performs.

There is a society in which many businesses do not hire the services of a graphic designer to create the image of their business. We live in a society where a logo, a sign or a website is thought to be created “on its own”, or perhaps by pressing a couple of computer keys.

The graphic designer has the responsibility of producing messages that contribute positively to society, as well as the creation of visual objects that help development and the possibility of identifying problems with the ability to transform them.

More than making logos, or drawings, current design creates visual communication, transforms the common environment from letters to icon, rooting current social life in how it is communicated through images.

Design is a process of visual creation with a purpose, which fulfills a very important function with respect to communication and which can affect knowledge, attitudes, affections and behavior in people.

This profession is capable of responding to a problem through action: communicating visually with responsibility, with knowledge, with creativity and with initiative, in such a way that the projects contribute to improving reality within society.

The importance of design in today's society lies in its power to communicate ideas through image, color, shape, typography and the appropriate techniques known as design theory.

“Design not only sells, good design knows how to sell and above all how to communicate and establish itself as part of society”

Then we can conclude by guaranteeing that our projects will offer good aesthetics, adequate presentation, usability and operability, and of course a good design with which you will feel satisfied.

We can do anything we want, since imagination is the limit of our creativity...