The importance of art for children

The importance of art for children

Leaving them in front of the TV, games and smartphone may not be the best idea.

There are countless ways to transform these moments, without in-person classes and external activities, into pleasurable experiences for your children and for you too.

Bringing art into the home is an idea that contributes to children's leisure and the formation of education and culture for future citizens.
Why explore art?
The word art derives from the Latin “ars” and means technique and skill.

Always present in human life, art represents the way people see the world.

Through the artistic production of a people it is possible to identify how they think, what their values are, how their culture is organized and what their customs are.

In art it is possible to understand the feelings and motivations of a certain social group, as it is through art that concepts and ways of portraying reality are expressed.

Art manifests itself through the following languages:

The music presents the feelings, joys, pains and daily life of a people, where the lyrics provide important information about what is valued by those people.

Theater physically manifests stories and thoughts, integrating the customs, religiosity and traditions of a people.

In the visual aspect, it is through paintings, sculptures, drawings and decorative objects that one can understand what a particular artist feels and thinks.

The importance of art for children
For children, art is a way of expressing their dreams, desires, fears and desires.

Through artistic manifestations, it is possible to understand the feelings of children and this can be fundamental for guidance and even promoting changes in the way they see or understand what ails them.

Artistic works say a lot about those who develop them, therefore, it is a practical and objective way of knowing what goes on in the so-called basements of the human mind.

Playing with art

Some good ideas for creating art at home are to promote:

Reading time,
puppet theater,
playing with clay,
visits to museums around the world, using the internet.
You will be surprised by the observations, thoughts, representations, paintings and sculptures developed by the children.

Encourage their imagination and let them express what they think and feel through art.

In addition to being an excellent option for fun and a pastime, you will enable your children to use their imagination and create characters, stories and situations that can teach them many things.