Importance of Visual Arts in Education

Importance of Visual Arts in Education

Art is a subject that has no substitute. Fine arts is a much broader term that includes visual arts, performing arts, music, dance, poetry, film & much more.

Visual arts are termed as the study of ceramics, printmaking, sketching, crafting, painting, textile design, drawing, Digital Painting, photography, sculptures, filmmaking, videography, architecture, artworks, as well as short movies, and documentaries. To learn visual arts, an individual requires long periods of regular practice so they can put their imagination, creative mind, and creativity adequately.

Purpose of visual arts
Generally speaking, there are five main functions of visual arts: artistic expression, functional, persuasive, and ceremonial as well as narrative. Visual arts are used in designing book covers, posters, clothing, apparel, accessories, packaging of food materials & a lot more things. It is integrated into all communities in our society.

Meaning of visual art
This art can be defined as a creative art whose products are to be appreciated by sight in contrast with literature & music.

Importance of visual arts in life
Visual arts are a way of life for a person who is not so excellent in study & hasn’t good grades or a better in hand but has the skill to develop. And with this particular skill, he can earn their livelihood by performing visual arts. Thus, the importance of visual arts in life can be understood here.