Minister highlights Bolivia's presence at the Venice Art Biennale

Minister highlights Bolivia's presence at the Venice Art Biennale

La Paz, April 15 (Prensa Latina) The Minister of Cultures, Decolonization and Depatriarchalization, Esperanza Guevara, stated today that Bolivia will present at the 60th Venice Art Biennial, Italy, a diverse exhibition, adjusted to the theme Foreigners Everywhere.

“For the second time, Bolivia is attending the Venice Biennale as a country, which will take place from April 20 to November 24 of this year,” he said at a press conference at the headquarters of that portfolio, in which he appeared. together with the curator of the Bolivian exhibition, Juan Carlos Cordero.

The owner expressed gratitude to Russia, which gave its space to Bolivia to attend with its own pavilion and a curatorial proposal to one of the oldest and most prestigious artistic events on the planet, founded in 1895, and in which creators from all over participate. the world.

During the conference attended by Prensa Latina, Guevara said that the biennial raises great expectations because, for the first time, it will have as its director of Visual Arts a Latin American curator, the Brazilian Adriano Pedrosa, known for his successful career and his work as a director. artistic of the Sao Paulo Art Museum Assis Chateaubriand.

As general curator for the 2024 Venice Biennale, Pedrosa expressed a bold and committed vision for diversity and inclusion in contemporary art that challenges Eurocentric narratives, and proposed the theme Foreigners Everywhere

From this call, the Plurinational State concurs with a vision that it calls “looking at the past, advancing beyond the future”, a reflection on the importance of the Bolivian worldview, the minister reported.

She described that “Bolivia makes an inclusive proposal this year as a Plurinational State that recognizes its cultural diversities, which coexist in a single vision towards the Bicentennial of our country (2025).”

He referred with admiration to “a list of creators who are not only from Bolivia, but from our country, including Lorgio Vaca, Cóndor de los Andes Prize in 2023, and Alexandra Bravo, a feather art artist, who has developed a theme on immigrant woman in Europe,” she explained.

She also mentioned Elvira Espejo, a prominent indigenous creator, who has an exhibition on yarns, weaving, breeding and cultivation.

“A series of artists who won the annual Eduardo Avaroa awards will also be represented, since with the recovery of the Ministry of Cultures, Decolonization and Depatriarchalization with the electoral victory of the president, Luis Arce, these awards incorporated a category of indigenous peoples,” he commented.

Guevara stressed that the Bolivian representation includes the winners so that art “that was ignored in the past is also part of the exhibition.”