Latin American art exhibition in Paris

Latin American art exhibition in Paris

'Magical and Olympic realism', Latin American art exhibition in Paris

This Friday the Latin American art exhibition 'Magical and Olympic Realism' opens at the Hall Saint Jaques Gallery of the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. But first, Adriana Silva, curator of the exhibition, along with the artists Luz Viera, María Alexandra Arévalo Gabriele and Joel Batz have been with Jordi Batallé in RFI's The Guest.

Maria Alexandra A-GABRIELE, Colombia.

Her inspiration is found in architecture, design and human emotions. Her work is a combination of lines and geometric figures. She explores "fragments" as a Concept; fragments of the soul, nature, places and sites. The purpose; preserve emotion forever through those “linear writings”. Using paper as a medium; “La reglure Seyès”. This “Seyès” grid was patented on August 16, 1892 by Alexandre Seyès, owner of a stationery store – bookstore in Pontosie, France. It consists of an A4 sheet divided into 1 cm2 squares with lines of 2 mm space between them. An entire country and many French children have been learning to write on these sheets for more than 100 years.

It is the official notebook used in French national education schools. When the artist's daughters begin first grade and at school they are asked to write within these parameters, the artist tells them that although they are going to learn to write rigorously; This should not be confused with rigidity and that creative desire to “reinvest” that sheet of paper into artistic expression is born. The use of colors, watercolors, fabrics, threads and everything that can awaken your curiosity and challenge are combined with the use of paper.

Joel BATZ Guatemala.

Born in 1975 in the city of Quetzaltenango Guatemala, his artistic influence began in Mexico City, Art and Crafts. He began as a self-taught artist influenced by his older brother, she was his apprentice and student for 2 years. In August 2002, Batz began studying in California, beginning his career at Los Angeles City College, Valley College and LA Pier College, taught by masters of fine arts. In June 2007 he obtained the "Associate of Arts degree" and the following year 2008 a second degree "Bachelor of Music Education" and transferred to the University of Las Vegas Nevada UNLV.

Joel Batz returned to Guatemala in December 2010 due to the tragedy of his mother and decided to settle in La Antigua Guatemala National Cultural Heritage where he exhibited street art. In 2012 Joel and his brother Marcos opened their own Studio.

Gallery A new beginning of inspiration and motivation, sharing experiences and techniques, began a new stage as exhibitors in art, carrying out the sense of teaching talent to others, programs such as art therapy for special needs children, beginning to draw for talented children and personal art one on one classes for adults.

In September 2014, the Casa Para Las Artes project began, with Joel Batz as co-founder of Artistas, which has the initiative to support the emergence of new talents, creating spaces for artistic cultural development. Batz exhibits and teaches at CPA where inspiration arises and the new style is inspired by Guatemalan culture.

Today Batz enjoys a new era in the arts projecting his talent, style and above all, all the inspiration he has taken from different cultures. Since his greatest inspiration is life, being influenced by the vision of everything that moves and projects life itself, a realist and surrealist artist who captures a feeling of identity in each brushstroke.

Luz Viera, Peru

Graduate in Plastic and Visual Arts, studies at the Higher School of Fine Arts of Trujillo “Macedonio de la Torre” (2007 – 2011) with the thesis “The Iconography of the Chachapoyas Culture and Abstract Constructivism” ESBAPT – 2013.

Bachelor's Degree in Plastic and Visual Arts completed at ESBAPT – 2012.