Sliman Mansour: A Brushstroke for Palestine

Sliman Mansour: A Brushstroke for Palestine

Sliman Mansour, a towering figure in contemporary Palestinian art, isn't just a painter, sculptor, or author – he's a storyteller. Born in 1947, Mansour's life and work have been deeply intertwined with the Palestinian struggle.

Early Works and the Intifada

Mansour's artistic journey began at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. His early works often depicted peasants and women in traditional attire, showcasing the beauty and resilience of Palestinian culture. However, the 1987 Intifada, a Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation, marked a turning point. Mansour, along with other artists in the "New Visions" collective, actively boycotted Israeli art supplies. This period saw him embrace local materials like mud and henna, incorporating them into his works that reflected the hardships of the struggle.

Land and Identity

A recurring theme in Mansour's art is the concept of "land." The olive tree, a symbol of Palestinian identity and perseverance, frequently appears in his paintings. His iconic 1973 work, "Camel of Hardship," portrays an old porter carrying the weight of Jerusalem on his back, a powerful image of the burden of occupation.

Beyond the Canvas

Mansour's influence extends beyond the canvas. He has been a dedicated educator, teaching at Al-Quds University and other institutions. He co-founded the al-Wasiti Art Center in East Jerusalem, a vital platform for Palestinian artists. His contributions even extend to written works, including two books on traditional Palestinian clothing and embroidery, and co-authoring a book on Israeli-Palestinian political poster art.

Legacy of Sumud

Sliman Mansour's art embodies the concept of "sumud," the Arabic word for steadfastness and resilience. His paintings capture the beauty and pain of Palestinian experience, becoming powerful testaments to a people's struggle for their land and identity. Through his artistic expression and dedication to cultural preservation, Mansour ensures that the Palestinian narrative continues to be heard and celebrated around the world.


Sliman Mansour

Sliman Mansour


Sliman Mansour is one of the most distinguished and renowned artists in Palestine. His style embodies steadfastness in the face o ...