The Landscape Signs exhibition for the first time in Brazil

The Landscape Signs exhibition for the first time in Brazil

Exhibition brings together artists from South America and Europe at CCBB
The Signs of the Landscape exhibition encourages reflection on how the planet has been modified and will be presented this Tuesday (19/9), at 11am, at CCBB

For the first time in Brazil, the exhibition Signos da Paisagem will be presented this Tuesday (19/9), at 11am, at CCBB, and will continue until November 9th. With the participation of Brazilian, Argentinian, Uruguayan, Spanish, French and Arab artists, the curatorship brought together diverse and unique works, which have something in common: encouraging reflection on how the planet is being changed. The exhibition is part of Bienalsur 2023 and also visits other Brazilian states, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Contrary to the horizontal line of the cultural environment, Bienalsur 2023 has an innovative proposal. The curator selects artists of different ages and nationalities to take their work around the world. According to Aníbal Jozami, general director of Bienalsur, they are not looking for consolidated artistic careers, but consistent projects that, together, communicate and create a final theme for an exhibition. The proposal aims to promote cultural exchange, giving opportunities to artists who do not have as much visibility, but have a lot of talent.

Bienalsur was created at the National University of Três de Fevereiro — a public university in Argentina — and, since its inception, has sought to be as democratic as possible with the public and artists. "Free entry is basic for Brazil and for the whole world. We are not in places where the public has to pay", highlights Aníbal. "We say it's a totally political Biennale, but it has nothing to do with the ideologies of political parties. It's political because we try to reach as many people as possible and we go where people are."

Brazil is not on the exhibition map by chance, the country's artistic quality has led Brazilian artists to participate not only in exhibitions in Brasília, but in others around the world. "From the beginning, we were interested in working with Brazil for artistic quality," explains Diana, Artistic Director and Curator of Bienalsur. In Signos da Paisagem, Rochelle Costi, with Casa&Jardim, and Silence de Dias & Riedweg, are the Brazilians who are part of the exhibition.
Also on display in Brasília, Zhara Al Ghamd shows how time interferes with existence, through an installation of 600 pieces of sand and clay blocks. “The art is called Echo of the past and represents the traditional architecture of the southern region of Saudi Arabia, which is almost dying. It’s as if the work of art talks about the houses of the South, which say: ‘save me before I leave, before I end and disappear”, explains the artist. “It is very important for me to show my artwork in a country that I would never reach as an artist from Saudi Arabia.”

In 2023, the fourth edition selected 400 artists, who are distributed in several exhibitions that take place in 28 countries and 70 cities. To celebrate the inauguration in the capital, at 11 am, there will be an opening performance. As the project does not stop, the organization emphasizes the importance of interested artists paying attention, as the selection process for the 2025 Biennale is scheduled to begin in February 2024.