Brazilian artists exhibit and sell works at Abu Dhabi Art

Brazilian artists exhibit and sell works at Abu Dhabi Art

Exhibition held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates presented Latin American creations for the first time. Contemporary art exponents at Karla Osorio Galeria and DAN Galeria were represented at the events.
São Paulo – Representatives of Brazilian art had works of art exhibited and sold for the first time at Abu Dhabi Art (in the image above), an art exhibition that this year's edition ended on Sunday (26) in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Among the artists from Brazil who had their work exhibited are Denise Milan, Elizabeth Dorazio, Lygia Clark (1920-1988), Franz Weissman (1911-2005), Matheus Marques Abu and Selva de Carvalho.

In this year's edition, 92 galleries from 31 countries participated. For the first time, artists from South America were invited. According to gallerist Karla Osorio, who represents Selva de Carvalho and Matheus Marques Abu, the pieces that her gallery presented had a “great reception”.

“Of course, it takes time to absorb the type of art we brought, but even so, the interaction with the Emirati public and with many foreigners who come here, especially Russians, Italians, French, Indians, etc., was truly wonderful. It’s a melting pot of the world we see here in Abu Dhabi,” Karla told ANBA.

The gallery's participation in the exhibition bore fruit: works by Selva and Matheus were sold. Matheus, in turn, will do a residency in the United Arab Emirates in June next year and then exhibit his work in the country. Conversely, an Emirati artist will reside at the gallery's headquarters, in Brasília, for a period of between 30 and 60 days, after which an exhibition will be held. This residency should also take place in June. “Our artists are in contact with institutions and some activity should be carried out with them here in the Emirates in the next two years”, said Karla about other projects.

According to the Karla Osorio gallery itself, the works of Matheus and Selva are characterized by their connection with nature and the evolution of the universe. Matheus' work addresses the memory of themes related to the diaspora, mainly the transit between Brazil and Africa since colonial times. Selva, in turn, explores elements of nature, such as plants and marine animals, to interact with bodies in motion. According to the gallery, the two artists explore relevant themes in Arab culture, such as calligraphy.

DAN Galeria took to the exhibition creations by Lygia Clark, Jesus Soto, Denise Milan, Franz Weissmann and Elizabeth Dorazio, who represent the variety of contemporary Latin American creation based on compositions that refer to kinetic art, such as the pieces by Venezuelan Jesus Soto (1923-2005), and the sculptures of Lygia Clark, who stood out internationally, among other reasons, for her exploration of varied materials and the composition of three-dimensional works.